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If God's heaven and new earth will be a friendly place for children, then God's church today must also be the friendliest place on earth for children. The objective of this book is to help the adults of the church to realize the importance God places on children.

This is not only the work and opinions of a loving mother, a dedicated teacher, and an assiduous church worker, but of someone who embodies all of the above and is backing it up with scientific research and discovery. The wish of our church is to become a little heaven on earth for all children. To help the children feel wanted, loved, appreciated, and not just tolerated, is the wish of church leadership. May our churches be eminently friendly places for children, because someone has read and practiced the principles as espoused in this book. Israel Leito President of the Inter-American Division An interesting and original book that teaches us how to build and organize child-friendly churches. Great for parents, teachers, and leaders. Best features: The physical and social needs of children. What leaders can do. Ways in which the church can act and organize itself.

Dimensions: 13 x 19 cm

Binding: hardcover

Pages: 158 Full-color illustrations

Author: Gloria L. Trotman

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