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As a young adult, you may wonder:
  • I want to live in peace, like everyone else . . . but why should
  • I complicate my life? Wouldn’t it be better to let things flow?
  • Is image really as important as they say?
  • Do I need money and popularity to be someone in life?
  • What is success all about?
  • If God has a plan for me, how can I know what it is?
  • Will God ask me to be a heroine . . . a hero . . . like Daniel and his three friends?
  • Am I expected to be the light of the world? . . . Isn’t that asking too much?
  • Of course I have my beliefs . . . But are they worth being uncomfortable? And making my loved ones uncomfortable? And be considered a fanatic?

Like everyone else, you only have two options: Follow the crowd or dare to be different . . . To be different, you must think differently. But, about what? 

Fernando Zabala answers these questions and tells you . . .

Be bold. Be different. Be true.
When many take a nonchalant attitude
or settle for mediocrity, realize that in life,
certain things do matter!


Dimensions: 14 x 20 cm

Binding: paperback.

Pages: 136


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