REAL: Real Solutions to Real Problems from a Real God

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In this book, pastor Roger I. Hernández takes the story of Esther, a seemingly simple woman who, by divine will, occupied a special place in the hearts of many people throughout the ages. The way Roger takes a simple story and examines it closely to give it timeliness and perspective is admirable. I believe that any individual may, in some way, see themselves portrayed in every page of this book. The work of the Holy Spirit is needed to immerse oneself in the past and to build a bridge that is capable of joining past times with the present reality, and the author does this work in an educational and instructive way.

Today, more than ever, we need to establish pillars of eternal values in a society that is disintegrating, inadvertently influenced by the wave of postmodernity which comes out of the depths of the turbulent sea of human philosophy to swallow society and drag it into an abyss of no return. I definitely believe that this book will be a blessing for its readers.

Alejandro Bullón
Pastor, writer, and international evangelist

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Binding: Paperback 



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