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Bible-Study-Guide: Lesson 1
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This BIBLE STUDY GUIDE for new members of the Seventh-day Adventist family forms part of a series of four that have been prepared under the auspices of the Personal Ministries and Sabbath School departments of the General Conference and of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.
Besides the basic question-and-answer format of studying the Bible, each lesson has additional features: 1. Walking with Jesus in the Real World, a personal story, will be found as part of Sunday's lesson. Although pseudonyms are typically used, all of the stories are from real esperiences. As much as possible, each story relates to the topic of the lesson. 2. A Closer Look is a short piece that will focuson some biblical item that can use additonal information or comment. Since space is limited, the focus will be brief. 3. Adventese is a short feature created to help new members understand the Adventist culture. It will define words that have special significance to Adventist. Occasionally, it also gives brief historical accounts of the Adventist Church and tells of current items of special interest. 4. Checking Up comes on Friday, after a week of study on a topic. This page continues the learning by using the strategies of a quiz, a question, or activity to relate the lesson to the student's personal experience, and an activity to extend knowledge. 5. Consider This is a full-page column that is part of Friday's lesson. Usually, each week's "Consider This" piece will present non-biblical information related to the week's topic. Informacion will continue from the social sciences, history, etc.


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