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Devotional for adults for 2024.

It's so lovely to look at pictures of our loved ones. To open a family album, and with one glance, remember how we used to be, realizing how much we have grown while reaffirming the bonds of love that tie us to the people whose pictures we are contemplating.

The Bible is like an album: a collection of pictures that allow us to have a glimpse of God and who He is. Through these pictures we can discover His character traits, and we can get to know Him much better.

THAT'S WHO GOD IS invites you to

  • contemplate the portraits of God found in the Scrip-tures,
  • be inspired to be more like Him each and every day,
  • strengthen the bonds of love that unite you to your heavenly Father.

These reflections will help you to emulate the One who is love, truth, life, forgiveness, empathy, holiness, peace, security, wisdom, provision, faithfulness, acceptance, help, respect, freedom, joy, and so much more. You will delight in observing your Creator and King, the great Physician and Good Shepherd who wants you to know Him as He truly is. So draw nearer to Him to see Him for yourself.



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