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The church is a living organism that grows and reproduces itself
with every soul that surrenders to Jesus Christ, and with every coin
that is deposited in its treasury. As an organism, the church also has
needs that must to be met, and the means that God has established
to finance the mission of the church is the returning of tithes and
offerings. But once the church receives the tithes and offerings, what
happens next? The book you’re holding in your hands aims to answer
some of the most commonly asked questions about the biblical practice
of returning tithes and offerings:
• Can the Adventist financial system be trusted?
• How does the church manage the money it receives from its
• How does the church accountability system function?
• What instructions does the Bible give about tithes and offerings?
• How does the money that I give in my local church impact the
global mission of the church?

The Church: Its Finances and the Mission is a practical book that provides clear and accurate information. It’s an excellent resource that can be used for personal development and knowledge and for studies by small groups or entire congregations. We would count it a blessing to be able to confirm that in terms of finances, just as with
every other issue, the church members of the Inter-American Division territory are preparing for the soon coming of our Lord Jesus.

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